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WhisperArt is the easiest way to add beauty and acoustical control to any space. WhisperArt is a combination of our specialized high resolution imaging technology and Whisper Walls acoustical control products.

WhisperArt comes to you fully assembled and ready to hang on a wall as you would a painting. WhisperArt can be produced from any high quality image including Fine Art, Photography, Digital images, etc. and manufactured at any size to fit the space perfectly.

WhisperArt is a designers dream for updating or decorating any space and solve unwanted noise problems in one step. This product is perfect for residential, restaurants, hospitals, places of worship and many more.



The WhisperArt team is able to handle all of your needs including services needed to create the perfect image for your design. You are welcome to supply your own image or the WhisperArt team can put together the entire package for you including design, scanning, consultations, image and artist locating etc.

We also offer WhisperMural for those of you that need to cover a wall or ceiling, click here for WhisperMural.

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the art of noise control